Akil Henley explains aerial photography and how this niche became the norm for movies, commercials and music


Aerial photography refers to the collection of photos or images taken using an airborne camera. Although this is not a new concept, many initially avoided aerial photography because they found it more expensive and more technical to venture into it. The previous generation relied on helicopters and other means to capture stunning aerial shots of landscapes and buildings. The entry of drones has revolutionized everyone in aerial photography, making it cheaper and easier for everyone to capture great photos from the sky. This is not only for photographers, but also for filmmakers who capture beautiful wide shots for videos.

Akil Henley is one of many photographers who work hard to show everyone how more magical the world looks from the sky. Akil is a New York-based aerial designer and photographer. He has traveled to many countries around the world, telling stories and creating memories through pictures. His love for photography began at a young age when he developed a taste for playing musical instruments. He soon realized that he had a passion for art. With only six years of professional aerial photography experience, Akil has gained worldwide recognition for his works.

During famous French protests, one of the photos he captured was used by various editors when the Eiffel Tower page reposted the photo in their stories. Here is a link to his Instagram account for you to take a look at some of his works. Having been in the industry when drones weren’t a big thing to date, Akil has seen the transformation and understands the impact of aerial photography.

Almost every film or music video maker today has a drone at their disposal. Drones give them much better ways to capture amazing scenes with minimized delays. Delays due to setting up other cinematic equipment to capture aerial shots are no longer a problem these days. Drones are faster to assemble and install, which saves a lot of time.

Drones have also made it possible to create more versatile action sequences that might have been difficult to achieve in the past. Their ability to stay in flight at high speeds is simply unique. More interestingly, a director can take over the scene more than once to capture the best clip because it is relatively inexpensive. These dynamic sequences help dictate the tone and mood of the video or film being produced.

Have you recently been mesmerized by an aerial view of a beautiful, fascinating landscape in a movie? In theory, yes, and that’s the job of a drone. These beautiful shots are used to capture and glue your attention to the video or film, all through aerial photography and drone video capture.

Akil believes drone technology is here to stay and will continue to evolve further as aerial photography becomes more normal. The ability to see the world from a different perspective is breathtaking and more beautiful. Drones allow all creative individuals to add more layers of depth to their creative works.

Photograph by: Akil Henley


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