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His poems, stories, photos, and reviews have appeared in Nimrod, The Midwest Quarterly, Sugar House Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, and a host of other publications. Recent work has also been shortlisted for New Poetry from the Midwest (2014, New American Press) and the Stanley Hanks Memorial Poetry Prize from the St. Louis Poetry Center.

Justin’s poetry / photography exhibit titled Midwestern traveled to the Midwestern region, appearing in a number of galleries in the two years leading up to 2019. In 2019, his poem “Goodbye, Sancho Panza” was studied by around 50,000 students from around the world as part of the World Cup Scholars program. Hamm was the keynote speaker at the World Scholar’s Cup in Manila, Philippines.

A photo exhibition will feature Hamm’s works of Midwestern relics so familiar to the landscape.

“I find his images of lonely farm tractors, silent railroad tracks, abandoned cars, worn road signs and other places vanquished by time offer intimate connections to the American Midwest …” said his editor of longtime Jeffrey Alfier, founder and co-editor of the Blue Horse Press and San Pedro River Review. “With superb depth of field, clarity and precision, the scrutiny of his camera connects the past and the present, giving the viewer an intimate, poignant, often spectral aura of fleetingness.”

“Justin’s photographs resonate with me like a look back at my own childhood,” said Scottye Adkins, executive director of MACOA. “There is a rawness of truth and resilience in the subjects. Those who romanticize days gone by or thrive in creating characters and stories around a long-empty house, a faded red barn or an outdated Chevrolet will take a break from viewing his photographs. Likewise, his poetry is replete with magnificent images and experiences of Midwestern youth described in great detail. The reader is transported through the years to such moments. familiar. “


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