A Google search revealed the heart attack of a Huntingdon man

07:00 3 August 2022

A Huntingdon man has thanked the incredible Royal Papworth Hospital after receiving emergency treatment for a heart condition.

Geoff Soden, 70, is an aerial photographer and paramotor instructor who says he felt fit and healthy until he woke up in pain one morning in April this year.

“I woke up with pain between my shoulder blades and just thought I hadn’t slept well,” he said.

“So I took a hot shower on my shoulders for 10 minutes and the pain hasn’t subsided and seems to move,” he explained.

Geoff says that before long he felt pain around his armpits and then eventually in his chest and by this point he was sweating heavily.

He was now worried and decided to put his symptoms in a Google search. Realizing from his search results that he was probably having a heart attack, he immediately called 999.

Paramedics arrived within eight minutes and after assessing him, confirmed he had a heart attack.

“They were both amazing and made me feel comfortable and I was taken to Royal Papworth under a blue light and within 35 minutes of calling 999 I was received at Papworth.”

Geoff underwent heart surgery which required a stent and he remained in hospital for three days to recover.

“The paramedics and crew at Royal Papworth were absolutely amazing,” he said.

“With so much negativity about ambulance schedules etc recently, I really couldn’t fault them.”

Geoff then underwent a second stent procedure on July 1 and says although he felt tired he is now working again.

Pilot Mark Jeffries created the heart of smoke over the Royal Papworth in Cambridge.

He decided he wanted to thank the hospital staff and heard that a pilot had created a heart of smoke in the sky above the hospital a year before and wanted to do the same.

So he spoke to his friend and pilot, Mark Jeffries, the owner of Little Gransden Airfield and leader of the Global Stars Aerobatic team, and asked him to thank Dr Sarah Clarke and her team and the teams at Papworth Hospital who do incredible work for thousands of people. of people like him.

On July 29, Papworth’s team with Dr. Clarke gathered outside the hospital at 11:30 a.m. to see hearts drawn in the sky above the hospital.

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