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Most elementary school students’ days are full of going to school and spending time with friends. But for Myles “MiniShotta” Campbell, photographing events like New York Fashion Week is also part of her schedule.

The 8-year-old professional photographer received his first camera, a Canon Rebel SL1, from his mother, Shay Campbell, when he was just 3 years old. He said he started photographing nature, statues, buildings, and times with friends and family just because he liked to do it.

The DMV native said he got interested in photography when he was 2 because he wanted to capture special moments in life. He started taking pictures everywhere he went, of his family and friends, of nature, of architecture and of everything that captivated him in his surroundings.

“When I got into photography, I didn’t want to miss all the photos, like the good times, the great times,” he said. “I didn’t want to forget it, so I just started, I learned to do it myself, and I knew how to do it by heart.”

Shay said she initially gave her son a pocket camera because she didn’t know how serious he was about photography, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that it was his son’s passion.

When Campbell was 6, he bought his first camera for himself, a Canon 80D. He raised the money for the camera by donating $ 20 photoshoots, which he advertised on his Instagram account.

By the time he was able to purchase his new camera, he had a serious following who were interested in his photography.

“People were officially booking him for shoots and he started charging $ 60,” Shay said.

Today he charges $ 80 for a photoshoot, explaining that he started with $ 60 photoshoots at age 6, and every year he increases his price by $ 10.

“When I’m 10, it’ll go down to $ 100, and then it’ll stop there,” Campbell said.

Courtesy of Shay Campbell

The young professional has a tight-knit team of three – himself, his mother and his videographer. Campbell said her mother usually helps her get her concerts, contacting brands and events, and that customers can also contact through her email or Instagram account for reservations.

“I usually don’t tell him until everything’s sorted out, so we’ve already scheduled him but I’m waiting for them to get the rest of their parts before he does the shoot,” Shay said. .

Last school year and this school year, Campbell attended school virtually, which gave him more free time to casually shoot in his local park and around town.

Campbell also said he was separating his career as a photographer from his school life and hadn’t told his school friends about his concerts.

“If you mean my school friends, I didn’t really tell them,” he said. “They don’t have a job. It’s like they can’t identify with each other.

Campbell has attended every season of New York Fashion Week in person since the age of six, where he has photographed a multitude of celebrities, including YouTube comedian Liza Koshy, model Winnie Harlow, singer and actress Lea Michele. and Instagram model Alexis Ren.

“He was invited just before his sixth birthday, so he was about a week in six years old when he first photographed New York Fashion Week,” Shay said.

He attended an event hosted by New York-based designer label Alice + Olivia during Fashion Week last month, where he photographed stars like actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and reality TV star and model Nicky Hilton. Campbell also attended Rookie USA, a multi-brand event focused on footwear and clothing for children ages 4 to 12, where he photographed the children of celebrities including DJ Khaled’s son.

“It was amazing,” he said.

He said that “nature, traveling, meeting famous people and being rewarded” have been some of the happiest moments of his career so far.

He was recently invited to the 36th Annual Mayor’s Art Awards, where Mayor Muriel Bowser showcased artists and creators from the community in 14 diverse categories. Campbell received the Youth Creativity Award, a newly added category to celebrate children creating art in the DC community. He also had the opportunity to meet Bowser at the awards show, which he said was “amazing”.

Campbell is now in third grade and will be nine in January. He said balancing school and his career as a photographer is not a challenge for him as he has the help of his family and his team.

Campbell said he had big dreams about what his career as a photographer could become and how exciting his life could be, saying his goals were “to become famous, to be rich and to be successful. money”.

His mother seemed surprised and amused by the lavish goals.

“Well at least famous came first, it’s the first time I’ve heard the rich part,” Shay said.

Despite all of his success, Campbell said his main goal was to “have a little fun.”


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