1971 aerial views of Southampton show how much the city has changed in 50 years



A lot can change in 50 years.

1971 saw the opening of the Walt Disney World theme park, the United Arab Emirates was created, Margaret Thatcher received her nickname “the thief of milk” and decimalization was adopted in the United Kingdom.

But what did the city of Southampton look like in the same year?

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With the help of our photographer Grahame Larter and the Surrey Heath Museum, we’ve been able to get brilliantly clear aerial views of Southampton since 1971.

Due to the high quality of the original negatives and the large scan size, we were able to harvest many additional images from the original.

They provide a fascinating insight into all that has changed in half a century.

The photos show what the Southampton skyline looked like before Westquay and before Marlands – with the two Arundel Towers an important aspect of these photographs.

Watch the video at the top of the page for a visual journey through time before delving into the individual photos below.

So see what you remember about Southampton 50 years ago – and who knows, maybe you can even spot your old home!

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