10 smartphone camera tips for beginners in wildlife photography


5. Do not disturb

“Do no harm” is at the heart of the profession of wildlife photographer. Always keep a safe distance from wild animals and do not seek any interaction with them. Be careful not to disturb them or alter their behavior or habitat, and do not disturb them when they are eating or resting.

Roz Kidman Cox, editor and chairman of the jury, said: “Indeed, if the judges detect the slightest sign that an animal may have been moved, disturbed or distressed in some way by the photographer, or if his behavior has been affected, that image goes out of competition. ‘

Mute your phone to avoid surprising the animals and go slowly so as not to end up chasing them.

6. Think about the composition

“Fresh and original images are what judges are looking for. This means not only unusual or unusual subjects, but original angles on familiar subjects, ”says Roz.

The well-known “rule of thirds” can help you in the composition of your images. Check if you can enable grid settings on your phone’s camera, and if not, try keeping the rule of thirds in mind. Divide your image into three equal sections from top to bottom and side to side, so that there are nine smaller blocks in a grid. For a more balanced image, try placing your subject at the intersection of these lines.

As this year’s Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Vidyun R Hebbar, get creative and think about what’s behind your image. Is there something interesting to include, or something distracting to avoid? Could foliage make the perfect frame, or is there a pattern you can play with?

Jordi Chias, underwater photographer and former jury member, says: “People think you have to go to remote places and photograph ‘hard to see’ animals or ‘near extinction’ subjects, but I ‘really like it when someone shows us a common subject in a different and original way.’

One tip to help you with your background is to lie down on the floor for more foreground. It can also draw attention to your subject and create powerful eye contact.


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