10 Most Underrated Horror Movies

The horror genre has large amounts of great horror movies. Although the genre has been somewhat looked down upon for decades, horror remains a guilty pleasure for many moviegoers. While horror is meant to scare, it often reflects real-world topics or societal issues.

RELATED: 8 Funniest Horror Movies, RankedWhile these underlying themes can often be central to the movie, some horror movies are just meant to be fun but get overlooked. Some horror movies don’t leave a lasting impression because the scares weren’t there or the plot had too many holes. Although these films have not received the attention they deserve, they deserve recognition for a variety of reasons.

ten Mom is sadder than you remember

Mom was led by This director, Andy Muschietti, and released in 2013. It details the story of two very young sisters who were nearly killed by their father in an abandoned cabin before being protected by a spirit. The nonverbal entity raises the girls for a few years as his own until they are found and adopted by their paternal uncle and his partner.

Unfortunately for the girls’ new adoptive parents, the dark spirit follows them home. It is discovered that the entity the girls call “Mama” has lost her own child. When given closure, she nearly leaves the family alone, but a dark turn of events results in both sides losing more than they expected.

9 Candyman revitalized the original

When the original movie, candy man was released in 1992, audiences were thrilled to see a much-needed portrayal on screen. Clive Barker’s romantic horror film centers on the life of Helen Lyle, a graduate student, documenting urban legends when she discovers the story of “The Candyman.”

RELATED: 5 Movies With Sequels That Are As Good As The Original (& 5 That Are Better)The movie sparked several sequels, but it’s 2021 candy man which gives the original and subsequent films an entirely new and relevant meaning. The film deals with the endless cycle of violence against black people, which in turn recycles and creates new “Candymen”.

8 Dead Silence is real scary fun

For the public who are afraid of dolls or ventriloquist dummies, dead silence would be the most terrifying film. Otherwise, the movie turns out to be somewhat goofy, however, it remains a fun watch. The story goes that a widower returns to his hometown to find out why his dead wife ended up with a note from a dead mannequin maker.

The film features disturbing dead-eyed dolls in the shadows and angry spirit of an elderly ventriloquist named Mary Shaw. For James Wan enthusiasts and classic horror fans, the movie is worth watching.

seven Would you rather put a dark spin on the game

Psychological horror movies can sometimes be hard to watch, but would you rather deserves a mention for the tense atmosphere alone. The film plays out like a competitive game in which the characters have two choices over several rounds.

The challenge is that the choices are tailored specifically to each character’s personal fears or struggles. Of course, the characters are only in the game to earn compensation. The game spirals out of control, with the choices becoming even more difficult and the players more hostile.

6 Devil’s Pass theorizes a true story

Found footage movies have saturated the horror genre, but they’re still effective at inducing unsettling scares. For Devil’s Passthe found footage technique enhanced the story by focusing on American college students seeking to investigate what happened to a group of Soviet hikers who disappeared on a hike called the Dyatlov Pass.

RELATED: 10 Horror Movies Based On Real EventsThe film begins slowly, with the American team camping near the site where the hikers disappeared, but mysterious events move the story and the team forward. The movie ends in a totally different direction, making for a jaw-dropping watch for mystery buffs.

5 The Midnight Meat Train Makes The Subway Scary

Although horror movies can be set anywhere, it’s unusual for them to focus primarily on public transportation. The midnight meat train is a terribly bloody film that literally bears his name. Fans of darker, grittier horror might find this unsettling film an intense watch.

The film shows a young photographer searching for his next subjects on a subway train at night while investigating missing persons cases. It turns out that the missing people are the victims of a butcher with a supernatural force who must feed humans with subterranean creatures, to ensure the safety of subway users during the day.

4 Oculus will scare the public in front of mirrors

For fans of Mike Flanagan The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Massthey would love to see one of his early projects again, a film called Oculus. The eerie atmosphere of the slow-burning horror type unfolds in the film, relying on the deterioration of the family.

As the film attempts to distract audiences with the protagonist’s struggle to find justice, the presence of malevolent spirits looms in the background of an ancient mirror. The ability of the large mirror to be used as some kind of portal for dark spirits to possess anyone in its reflection is terrifying.

3 Thi13en Ghosts is artistically unique

2001 Thirteen ghosts (oddly stylized as Thir13en Ghosts) is a remake of a 1960 William Castle film. The original story had garnered so much attention for its notable use of special glasses. The remake heavily altered the original story but still used the importance of glasses to see ghosts, which was still an interesting twist on a ghost story.

Although the remake was a commercial and critical failure, the film remains an exciting supernatural film. The visuals of the unique ghosts and massive greenhouse are interesting enough to give the movie a watch.

2 The ruins are a warning to foolish tourists

The ruins is a cautionary tale from 2008 that highlights the mistake of taking the undefeated path on vacation. On a trip to Mexico, a group of friends encounter another tourist who enlists his help in finding his missing brother around the ancient ruins. The crew ends up straying into the wrong territory, finding themselves trapped in a temple covered in greenery.

RELATED: 10 Horror Movies With Surprisingly Deep MessagesWhile stuck on top of the ruin, the group is slowly consumed by the nearly sentient plants. In the end, audiences might almost want to root for nature’s retaliation.

1 Possession is a slightly different exorcism movie

Some of the biggest and bloodiest horror movies involve the use of demonic possession and (usually Roman Catholic) exorcism. Ownership took advantage of a lack of theological variety in horror, to represent Judaism.

The film centers on a recently estranged father who seeks help from a rabbi when he discovers his daughter may be possessed. His demon, an entity called dybbuk that came out of a box with Hebrew inscriptions. Although the film was initially not well received, horror fans took a liking to the refreshing yet familiar story.

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