Tips to Save on your Home Improvement

Rebuilding costs money. And often a lot more money than you had in mind. Yet there are ways to save on your renovation. How nice would it be if you could save on your renovation before it even started?

In this blog you will find tips with which you can save on your renovation while your home will increase in value.

Start with good planning

Start with good planning

A successful renovation starts with good planning. Determine the budget and the duration of the renovation. Write down on a list what needs to be done and what materials are needed. The better the planning, the less you will incur unforeseen costs.

Despite good planning, you will always come across unforeseen costs. Simply because you cannot know everything before the renovation starts. Always keep a potty (around 5% of the total renovation budget) behind for unexpected expenses. This way you prevent unpleasant financial surprises.

Spread Your Chances

Spread Your Chances

Always request multiple quotes when renovating. Only when you have several quotes at your disposal can you choose the best price-quality ratio.

View reviews

It always remains exciting whether the contractor with the best offer is actually reliable. It is a lot of money and you want to be sure that you leave the renovation to a company that you can trust. Reviews can help you make the right choice. The experiences of other customers can tell a lot about the working method of the company you want to work with.

Make clear agreements


Make sure you make clear and concrete agreements with the contractor in question. Do you pay per hour? Or do you agree on a total price?

When you agree on a full price, you know in advance what costs will be incurred. Write down on paper exactly what the contractor supplies for this amount and what is included in this price.

If you are handy and you want to help with the renovation, it may be cheaper to pay the contractor per hour. For example, if the renovation is likely to be more expensive than planned, you can provide additional assistance yourself.

Make agreements not only about the price, but also about the quality of the renovation. What level of finishing can you expect? And what about a possible warranty if something breaks down?

Put all agreements you make with the contractor on paper and keep the quotes and contracts well. This puts you in a strong position when you might come into conflict with your contractor.

If necessary, buy the materials yourself

If necessary, buy the materials yourself

Material costs are a major cost item within your renovation plan. It can turn out to be cheaper when you purchase the materials yourself, instead of the contractor. When you request a specification of the costs that the contractor charges for the materials, you can start comparing the difference in price if you purchase the materials yourself. You can keep a close eye on the advertising brochures of the local hardware store and ensure that you save on material costs.

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